Shaping the future of Dental Education


International Women’s Leadership Conference VI
Brescia, Italy – 23-25 April 2019

The ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference VI (ADEA IWLC) is a long-standing initiative centered on supporting gender equity in oral health, globally. First established in 1999 to recognize the increased leadership role of women across the global health workforce, the 2019 ADEA IWLC conference—our sixth—convenes a diverse array of attendees from around the world committed to advancing women’s leadership in global health, academic dentistry and research.

The 2019 meeting theme centers on three lenses essential to successful and informed leadership: knowing yourself, knowing your organization and knowing your world.

Who should attend: Anyone committed to improving gender equity in global dental education, including but not limited to: dental educators, dental school administrators, corporate leaders, health policy advocates and governmental and foundation representatives.

Shaping the Future of Dental Education III Oral Health from a Global Perspective
Brescia, Italy – 25-27 April 2019

UB Campus


Dr Lily T Garcia
Dr Lily T Garcia
Dr Lily T Garcia
Prof Corrado Paganelli
Dean Dental School University of Brescia
Chair the Board of IFDEA

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) have had a strong historical relationship based on a mutual desire for the betterment and advancement of dental education systems.

Building on the foundations set forth in London 2017, ADEE and ADEA move forward together for Shaping the Future of Dental Education III.

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ADEE & ADEA — Shaping the Future of Dental Education Through Collaboration